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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

General writing Musings

Hi all,

It's been a while since I've jotted down my thoughts here, but here I am. This is a little insight to my dealing as an author that I wanted to share. Getting into the publishing world is ridiculously hard unless you're able to get in through nepotism, or scholarly accolades/employment. Professional agents don't look at you otherwise. IMO.𓀡

I've  never expected it to be a cakewalk, however, I never expected it to be as tedious and cliquish as it's been  So, here are some things to take away from what I'm sharing. If you're submitting works, make sure it's finished, and so clean that you can publish it tomorrow. Luck and miracles happen a dime in a dozen (Mine ran out). There are those out there that MAY take a chance on you, but don't go into this field thinking that it's a given.
Traditional publishing isn't guaranteed even if you've already been published in such away. Contracts end and then you're back to peg one. Writing is an art/craft. Storytelling is a gift. The strengthening my craft part is coming hard for me. I never wanted to be an English major or Creative Writing major, but for me, it seems as if I want to jump in the pond with the professionals, that's what you need to have a background in, which is sometimes disappointing. As we move on in this messed up year, I'm slowly getting to a place with my works that, if you're not for me, then okay, bye. I'm trying to build a network and foundation in the difficult confines of my life right now. if you don't understand my writing style, my imagination, then no big deal. I'm not for everyone, and everyone may not be for me.
This means that, when people don't want my stories, those specific people just aren't jigging to it. Twice I've been told that my story, 'Just isn't working for me'. In those moments, I'm like, well it's not for you, it's for Team Kai Leakes and those who WANT to see Black folk in fantasy, horror, etc. in my voice. So, now it's going to take me some time everyone, but, I'm over it with trying to get into the Literary Marketplace. I'm going to drop my stories and try my best (with limited $$) to self-publish what I have for you all and keep writing on my own.

I'm feeling this way with another professional endeavor as well. It's just that time to do for myself in 2017.