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Friday, November 25, 2016

A sense of me.

It's rare that I receive comments from you all as readers, yet, I'm always excited when I do get to talk to you all. From my short time as an author, I've had many questions come up about if and when will I put specific topics or representation in my works, or why I chose to represent who I do in my books, or if they are even in there.

I have to say this, I represent how they characters come to me and if I feel a desire to purposely implant more representation (which I always aim to do.)

See...I have to say this, not in shade, but in understanding of my works. I write from a place of self. That means that I am a Black Woman from St. Louis, Missouri, the Midwest. I'm plus size, self-conscious, shy/introverted, sometimes rude/angry, sometimes emotional, sometimes closed off, a blerd, corny, a hopeless romantic (who hasn't had romance in a long time) who loves all things fantasy and vampires.

My experiences in my life, my lack of experiences in life, my guidance via my friendships, and my guidance to my friends helps me shape me. So you will see these pieces of me in all my works, in any genre I choose to write in.

But the main thing is this...I repeat, I write from a place of self! I write to see women like me in stories that never reflect us. Black women/girls. In. Fantasy.

So, thank you to those who reach out to me. To those who aim to help me stretch my lens. I'm very much still a growing writer and the worlds I have created are every growing. So, soon, I will touch on a little bit of everyone in my way. In the Sin Eater world, you'll see everyone on the Light, Dark and in the Gray.

Please keep reading, sharing, and reaching out. - Kai Leakes