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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

A treat for #teamsineaters

Hello, #teamsineaters,

I continue to work, and reevaluate, and work. LOL But currently, I have a surprise. It's what you all have been asking for: I've finally commissioned the image of The Medusa!!!

She's a beautifully wicked woman, and I love her.  You can find her image at my website in the secret stash session. You also can visit the SE shop at my website.

Outside of that, if you follow at Tumblr, or friend me on FB you'll see her there. For now, here, I'll put up the WIP image of her (below) and leave you with my favorite line from SE 1.

Have fun #teamsineaters, and more books from me will come soon.

“Yeah…shawty is crazy as hell, but that tongue was da business. Ya dig!”- Calvin & The Medusa (Sin Eaters: Devotion Book One)

- The Medusa WIP Commission by Asiebarbie!!!!

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