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Friday, November 25, 2016

A sense of me.

It's rare that I receive comments from you all as readers, yet, I'm always excited when I do get to talk to you all. From my short time as an author, I've had many questions come up about if and when will I put specific topics or representation in my works, or why I chose to represent who I do in my books, or if they are even in there.

I have to say this, I represent how they characters come to me and if I feel a desire to purposely implant more representation (which I always aim to do.)

See...I have to say this, not in shade, but in understanding of my works. I write from a place of self. That means that I am a Black Woman from St. Louis, Missouri, the Midwest. I'm plus size, self-conscious, shy/introverted, sometimes rude/angry, sometimes emotional, sometimes closed off, a blerd, corny, a hopeless romantic (who hasn't had romance in a long time) who loves all things fantasy and vampires.

My experiences in my life, my lack of experiences in life, my guidance via my friendships, and my guidance to my friends helps me shape me. So you will see these pieces of me in all my works, in any genre I choose to write in.

But the main thing is this...I repeat, I write from a place of self! I write to see women like me in stories that never reflect us. Black women/girls. In. Fantasy.

So, thank you to those who reach out to me. To those who aim to help me stretch my lens. I'm very much still a growing writer and the worlds I have created are every growing. So, soon, I will touch on a little bit of everyone in my way. In the Sin Eater world, you'll see everyone on the Light, Dark and in the Gray.

Please keep reading, sharing, and reaching out. - Kai Leakes

Friday, June 24, 2016

Coming soon...

Hi, Team Sineaters and Cursed,

I know I've been very silent and I apologize for that. So far, I've been working hard on some behind the scenes stuff pertaining to my brand and stepping into the self-publishing world as a partially permanent gig. Currently, that latest move is: part two to Rebel Guardians and finishing up my steampunk novel. I'm in the middle of the novella (Rebel Guardians 2) and working on fixing it, and finishing it up (Just told that the first couple of chapters are great and feels like this novella will be better than the first one). Hopefully, it'll be done by the end of the summer (I procrastinate a lot and I'm going through some non-author related issues as well).

So, with that, here is the cover reveal and keep a look out for the release on Amazon. The plan is to possibly, combine both books and release them as one full novel in the future. If you're okay with that, let me know in the comments.

Rebel Guardians 2 will give you the behind the scenes story of Take and Amara.

Coming Soon....

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

A treat for #teamsineaters

Hello, #teamsineaters,

I continue to work, and reevaluate, and work. LOL But currently, I have a surprise. It's what you all have been asking for: I've finally commissioned the image of The Medusa!!!

She's a beautifully wicked woman, and I love her.  You can find her image at my website in the secret stash session. You also can visit the SE shop at my website.

Outside of that, if you follow at Tumblr, or friend me on FB you'll see her there. For now, here, I'll put up the WIP image of her (below) and leave you with my favorite line from SE 1.

Have fun #teamsineaters, and more books from me will come soon.

“Yeah…shawty is crazy as hell, but that tongue was da business. Ya dig!”- Calvin & The Medusa (Sin Eaters: Devotion Book One)

- The Medusa WIP Commission by Asiebarbie!!!!

Friday, February 5, 2016

Master of Horror L.A. Banks and her contribution to Horror. (Black History Tribute to L.A. Banks)

“If my soul got jacked, where is it?” ― L.A. Banks

Happy Black History Month!

I want to start this out in saying, yes, this blog post will be long and peppered in fangirl moments. I will drone on about the awesomeness of author L.A. Banks and her extraordinary writing skills in horror/thrillers. I will gawk at the idea that she is not praised as much as she should be, and I will tear up at the reality that this author’s incredible gifts have been lost to us in the literary world. This is my respectful tribute to her…it is what it is. -smile-

In the world of Horror, in link with black women, there are only two names that comes to mind for me that have been cultural innovators and pop icons in this area of literature. And today I’m choosing to speak on the one that I was lead to deeply admire, Leslie Esdaile Banks. Better known as L.A. Banks. When you think of horror, the greats who founded it, and those who followed in their footsteps, oftentimes many people don’t equate women in that class.

People always are quick to name the greats, Horace Walpole, Bram Stoker, H.P. Lovecraft, and contemporaries, Clive Barker and Stephen King as the masters of horror. I take nothing away from them. However, women were also at the forefront of horror. They were the literal foundation that inspired many past and current male horror authors that we so fondly idolize.

“Humans have been telling scary stories of great danger, defeat, and triumph since we built campfires outside the caves while the wolves were howling in the hills near us.” – L.A. Banks via Wild River Review 2011

Read the rest at HorrorAddicts.net .... And thank you so much to HorrorAddicts for inviting me to their blog to contribute to their tribute to Black Horror Writers/film and more!