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Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy Sin-anniversary! Happy July!

Happy Sin-anniversary #Teamsineaters,

The month of the July is special, of course. Sin Eaters Devotion Book One came out four years ago. So much has changed and I speak on it in my June post celebrating the anniversary of SE2, go check that out.
As of now, I don't have a lot to report on. Currently, I'm working on several projects and have paused in my writing of my steampunk story, Pulse, yet again! I wrote a little to it, then paused. That's how my mind has gone lately and it could be due to several factors going on in my life right now.

However, I plan on writing as usual. SE3 is still in note form and in my mind, but you guys have Rebel Guardians that you can pick up and tie yourselves over until my buggy mind comes together. I want to express my DEEP love for my #teamsineaters. Without you all, this story of mine would be nowhere but on my computer wasting away.

I love you all and I'm sharing my thanks by using you guys images with my books as my profile on FB. I also have a store at my website where you can buy shirts and mugs. Take a visit and continue reaching out to me, and talking about everything including Sin Eaters.