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Monday, June 1, 2015

Welcome to Summer! (Happy June) #Teamsineaters Anniversary

Happy June 1st #Teamsineaters!

It's the time again, the 4th anniversary of Sin Eaters: Devotion Book One, and the first anniversary of Sin Eaters - Retribution: Devotion Book Two coming in July. So much has happened in between the time of these two books. Emotional/financial battles in being an emerging author, up to creating new stories, such as the release of Rebel Guardians (a Sin Eaters Chronicle), and several upcoming shorts, as well as a pending contemporary romance novel.

I'm not sure what the rest of this year has for me, nor do I know what will become of the Sin Eaters brand but I will say that I hope nothing but more opportunities arise and more stories for you all to enjoy.

Thank you to my #teamsineaters who were the first to buy both copies (paperback/ebook) of Rebel Guardians. You all asked for more from the SE world and I plan to keep going. Big hugs!

Another Big Hugs and thanks to SmoothDramaRadio on Blogtalk for your fun interview and talk. I appreciate the invite and hope to work with you guys again! Thank you to Genesis Science Fiction Radio (in association with Black Science Fiction Society) for inviting me on the show to talk about my work and intense topics about the Nation. I learned so much on how to expand as an author, and I plan on reaching out again. Each of these segments can be found at my website's News section.

For the months of June and July in celebration of the Devotion Book series, you will be able to pick up Rebel Guardians on Kindle (and soon Nook) for $1.99. Please share, and discuss. I'm curious to hear your thoughts on Dare and Tweet's adventure together.

Thank you and remember, read on, share, and discuss!

Kai Leakes

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