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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Coming Soon #Teamsineaters & other musings

Hi, Team Sineaters/Cursed,

I've been a busy bee and still am. In the midst, of finishing one full novel, I've also been working on this precious little gem for you all. This will be my first release on my own as my own publisher for shorts: KWH Publishing.

*Shoots Confetti*

I hope I do well in this venture. I'm very nervous about it, but here we are. Because the love has been pouring out about Sin Eaters and you all have been asking for more, I decided to wet your appetites with longer shorts to my online Behind The Books series.  In this series, you get to step behind the scenes of the main battle and journey with the House of Dusk's Guardians and other Nephilim as they take up arms and fight for a cause you all became familiar with in the main SE series.

*UPDATE: I was asked if this will be released as a book. Right now, I'm toying with that idea and leaning towards yes. The BTB's are shorts, 100-120+ if I get more requests for the individual's BTB's to be put in paper format, I may do it. However, the idea is this, several of the books in this series will have sequel titles but with different characters. For example: Rebel Guardian's will have a sequel featuring different characters. I plan upon putting both one and two together as release it at a special edition. I plan to do that with all, that are sequels. Individuals stories, might be released together titled simply, "Sin Eaters Chronicles".

I hope you all understand that and hope it pans out correctly. :)

So, please, share the love, post the buy link and enjoy. Remember, read SE Books 1 & 2 First!

Rebel Guardians (Sin Eaters Chronicles - Behind the Books 1) Synopsis:

We cry, but they don’t hear us. Our hands reach out to the skies, but they refuse to see us. We voice our pains, but they suppress us. What is left for us to do?
The call to arms has gone global. Nephilim, who feel the “call” to the Grey, are the only ones who hear it’s beckoning. It’s up to them to help aid in the fight to fix their fractured Society or risk all to form a new one.
It’s been a year since the House of Dusk went head to head with the Cursed and lost those closest to them, people they just learned were family. Darren ‘Dare’ Steele and Takeshi ‘Take’ Satou are now done with the entry level to their Guardian training as a new Nephilim and new Dragon. It’s now time for the younger members of the team head to the streets and keep watch on their first assigned Guide Tatiana ‘Tweet’ Braves. But, it’s Dare who might have his hands full in the process.
She sees dead people…
Tatiana is proving to be very unique. For it was her five-year-old cousin/godson who was taken last year by the Cursed and it was an incident that unknowingly shook Nephilim Society’s rebels but also affected Tatiana and her family deeply.
With the Cursed after Tatiana for harboring an object of antiquity she has no idea is necessary for the battle between the Light and Dark, it is up to her and her protectors to uncover its secrets. Thrust in the middle of a supernatural world she once thought was a figment of her imagination. It’s up to her to trigger her unique tie to the ancient artifact and help the new Rebel Guardians Dare and Take as they find themselves in the midst of a raging war, hailed by The Oracle herself.
Journey back into the paranormal world of the Sin Eaters and take a short peek behind the scenes of Sin Eaters 1 & 2 with the Guardians as they guide you to the next chapter in the future Devotion Book Series. 
Buy at Amazon (coming Soon on Nook).