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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Liebster Award [Ten Questions on my 'Work in Progress' (WIP)]

 Hey #Teamsineaters & #Teamcursed,

Author K.Ceres Wright tagged me in a ten-question blog hop entitled: "The Liebster Awards", so here is my response!

1. Tell us about your work in progress (WIP)
Currently, it is titled "Pulse." This story is about a young woman who's simple life is thrown for a loop when she is kidnapped as a bounty then ends up on a journey and mission to protect a object, she acciently was given.
2. How is your WIP different from your prior work?
This story is different in the fact that it is a steampunk based fantasy. There are no vampires at all, or paranormal activity. 
3. How has writing changed your life?
I first of all never thought that I'd be a writer, but once my first novel, "Sin Eaters" was born, everything changed. I found myself no longer in the seat of being a reader, but now a creater of crazy, exciting worlds. Writing has made my life fun, but burdensome because now I can't stop writing! 
4. What inspired you to start writing?
The inspiration actually came from being a reader first. I began searching for fantasy based stories where I could picture myself actually in them. Once, I found that not to many authors could give me that, I decided to test drive writing a story where I could hop in and that turned into "Sin Eaters."
5. Who is your favorite character from all your works?
Just to pick one is hard. I love them all, but the one I would pick would be the least expected and that is, Lord Valc. He's in Book Two. Just look at that adorable face!
6. Do you like to write villains?
Actually, it depends. I have to be in a specific mindframe. When I am, yes, I love it. The Dark Lady, Medusa and Mad King are my best villians. 
7. What is the best piece of writing advice you’ve learned?
To trust in yourself first. If you don't believe in your own work, then it has no business being out there.
8. How have you grown as a writer?
It goes back to the advice. I'm learning to trust in myself and silence my hesitations and fears about writing. I think I've grown a lot in that aspect. Before, I would worry about why someone may not like my work. Now, I let that self-hesitation go.
9. What’s your favorite line from your WIP?
I never really have a specific line that is my favorite, but I do have a scene I like due to the banter between the two. Read below:
“Tam, sometimes when a bull is caught by its horns, it can’t perform.” Eko stood to pace back and forth with his arms tucked behind his back while he spoke, “Sometimes they get to fighting so much and jumpin’ and hoppin’ around so much that it forgets that its horns are locked. You get want I’m saying? That’s why I had to agree to this.”
 Tameri stared in complete silence. Her teacup was delicately perched near her lips and she stared blinking slowly. What in Rameses’s palace, was going on? A bull fighting? What did she have to do with any of that?
“Eko, what?” she gently asked. (Eko & Tameri - Pulse)
 10. Do you like dragons?
LOL. Have you read the Sin Eaters series? The book is teeming with them! Oops! Spoilers. :)
 Now I get to tag some other writers and get them to answer 10 questions. I tag: Nikki-Michelle, Crystal Connor, & Valjeanne Jeffers.

  1. Tell us about your work in progress (WIP).
  2. What about your WIP stands apart from your other works?
  3. How has your writing shaped you as an author?
  4. How has it changed you in your everyday life?
  5. What is your favorite moment from any of your books?
  6. What is your favorite line from one of your books?
  7. Who is your favorite character?
  8. If you could disappear in your world of stories, which book would you jump into?
  9. What advice would you share as a writer?
  10. Let's play Being Human! Which would you be: Wolf, Vamp, Ghost, or Zombie?

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