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Thursday, December 17, 2015

#teamsineaters I asked and here we are! (How to build your author platform : Daniel José Older)

#teamsineaters I asked awesome Author Daniel Jose Older about how to build my platform as an author and he gave a great answer. Stay for the end, it's the best!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Trust in yourself!: Happy Family and Friends month!

Hello Team Sineaters,

This month is Thanksgiving to many, but I call it Family and Friends months. For the month, I was invited on a fellow, kick-butt author's website Dicey Grenor. Please head over there and read my thoughts, and everyone have a Happy Holiday.

Please also take the time to support Dicey Grenor and her work. She's an awesome paranormal/horror writer with kick-butt sexy leads (one, who is Dicey's own real life protector!).

'The Light Always Prevails' -K.L.


Saturday, September 19, 2015

Fall expectations, winter is approaching. (Happy September! Update)

Hello #Teamsineaters/cursed,

This is an extended post/update, where I go into more detail about my two new releases this month. Bare with me and enjoy! The City is coming!!!

I hope you all are doing well. We've now entered Fall, though the blazing kiss of the summer sun is still upon our flesh. I'm happy that we all made it out of summer unscathed. Currently, nothing new is going on. I have no signings planned at all. For now, I'll be urgently writing. I have a short that I must submit before January and I'm still working on my steampunk novel.

As of now, if you haven't visited my website, there are two new sections on it Romance & Secret Stash. I hope you all enjoy the new tidbits being added to the Secret Stash. I'm eagerly awaiting the soon to be finished product and I can not wait to share it once it's done.

I'm also excited that two new stories from me will be releasing soon. That information is on my website and blog. The City- A Cyberfunk Anthology & Body Heat: A Romance and Erotic Anthology (coming Sept. 14th). Both stories will be able to be found on Amazon. You can pre-order Body Heat now, so share, talk about it, and share some more.

Allow me to go into what led me to writing both stories. With Love, Lies, and Pleasure (which is featured in Body Heat), the story follows the life of Kwame Hughes a man who lost everything he held dear to him. In that loss, and grief he turned to closing himself off at the possibility of something new. Because of that, Kwame creates a world of salacious hedonism that he keeps from a woman, Karma, that might be his saving grace.

Karma and Kwame's story had been something that started from a short I quickly wrote for an on-air contest. It was sexy, lusty and fun to write, the challenge came when I had to extend that story and introduce you all to an organization of men who make it their life's work to pleasure women, not only for their own ego's sake, but for the women themselves. Many who have gone through, or are going through difficult situations, be it life threatening, or life-changing.

I wanted the Brothers of Kemet to be entertaining and filled with love, comedy, and growth. It turned into me stepping into contemporary romance/erotica, something I've never done before...and I know you all are saying, what about the salacious sex scenes in SE? For me, its not the same. Writing Kwame and Karma's story was very difficult for me, because it was the beginning of BOK. I had previously written its counterpart, featuring a different man of BOK and that story came somewhat easier.

Love, Lies, and Pleasure went through three rewrites and several title changes to turn into the shorts that they are today. Originally meant to be a full novel, I chose to break it up once invited to be a part of this awesome anthology. My goal is to release part two to LLP later in the year, with the full book being released on paperback, next year. If enjoyed.  That's my plans and I hope you guys go read Kwame and Karma's wild story and learn how BOK was started.

Now, The City: A Cyberfunk anthology. I'm always looking for ways to test myself in the fantasy/scifi genre and "Free Your Mind" was that test. It started out as me joining a post on Facebook in the State of Black Science Fiction group. That post mainly was about writing small shorts shaped around specific sci-fi images we found, it then turned into this awesome project that I was lucky enough to be a part of.  "Free Your Mind" tells the story of a Runner Iset with a unique mission and her dear friend/protector Orion. In their, fight to protect a missive she will struggle with her past and present in order to free the minds of many.

I wasn't sure how I was going to go with this story. I knew that with everything I write, I like to add a touch of romance, or sex and this one I did that. But outside of that, I was writing in an incredible world set in the future, doing things I had no idea if they would make sense. I hoped to educate a little and add a lot of action to the piece. In it all it challenged me to the point that I'm still nervous about it. I'm excited to share it with you all, but like any writer, I'm nervous. Iset is a rebel and you'll learn that in the short piece I wrote. I was able to write with a fellow contributor and we had a ball. D.K. Gatson's character is featured in my story, so for those who enjoy his short and want to see more of his character, check out mine. We both bounced off each other and linked our story in an exciting way.

With all of that, please make sure to grab both anthologies. I've been busy and I hope that my work translated into something entertaining.

This blog is also now part of a blog tour for The City, so visit my fellow participants and see how they created their stories and world as Citizens. Also, please support this effort especially due to the fact that there are not that many women acknowledged in sci-fi writing. This novel features a few women like myself and we all need your support.

The City will be available as an e-book via Amazon, Barnes and Noble (Nook) and Kobo on September 25th and as a paperback at MVmedia (www.mvmediaatl.com) and wherever books are sold by October 15th.

 Visit fellow Blog Tour Citizen's:
- Milton Davis's Blog (Story: Knowlege)
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- K. Ceres Wright's Blog (Story: Mission: Surreality)
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Though summer is now behind us, I hope you all enjoy the last remnants of the lovely weather. Remember to grab your copy of Rebel Guardians - Sin Eaters Chronicles, as well as the books that started it all, the Sin Eaters - Devotion Book series.

"The Light Always Prevails" - Kai Leakes

Saturday, August 15, 2015

August News and upates

Hello #Teamkaileakes and Happy August!

I'm happy to share some big news this month. Well, a happy surprise I should say. Of course, I've been busy, busy and going through a lot of stress for my craft. I've been working with a collective of incredibly talented women authors, who have graciously allowed me to join them in a lustful, sizzling, and erotically romantic anthology.

Body Heat - Anthology will showcase my short, "Love, Lies, and Pleasure- A Brothers of Kemet Prequel" This will be my first jump in the contemporary romantic genre with a touch of erotic. Part 1 of this short will introduce you to a set of brothers I hope will titillate the readers because this will be the start of the Brothers of Kemet.

So, if you enjoy romance with erotic touches, then please buy this book and look out for part two, coming soon. I'm so happy to share this with you all.

I also have more news, coming this fall, my sci/fi short "Free your mind", will be featured in a Cyberfunk anthology called, 'The City'.  Keep a look out for that as well.

Later in the year, I will also have another short, this one in the Sin Eaters world. I'll keep you all updated. Make sure you visit my website, where I've updated it to introduce my step into romance.

So as I always say, "The Light Always Prevails" and please Share, Pre-order & Share!

Loves, Lies, & Pleasure Synopsis:

Indulge yourself in the beginning of the Brothers of Kemet with part one of this salacious and passionate story: Love, Lies, and Pleasure, as author Kai Leakes steps into the world of erotic romance. This story will make you question…What is love? 

Kwame Hughes, one of Atlanta’s sexiest bachelors doesn’t believe in love, ever since the tragic death of his wife. What he does believe in is giving pleasure to the women he has agreed to contract with, as their sexual escort. He secretly acts as a playboy and establishes his private escorting foundation: The Brothers of Kemet. A chance meeting with Karma Asante, who has recently ended a bad relationship, will cause Kwame to rethink the way he feels about love and re-evaluate his career. But Karma hates liars, and when Kwame’s secrets are revealed, will they be able to hold it together?

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy Sin-anniversary! Happy July!

Happy Sin-anniversary #Teamsineaters,

The month of the July is special, of course. Sin Eaters Devotion Book One came out four years ago. So much has changed and I speak on it in my June post celebrating the anniversary of SE2, go check that out.
As of now, I don't have a lot to report on. Currently, I'm working on several projects and have paused in my writing of my steampunk story, Pulse, yet again! I wrote a little to it, then paused. That's how my mind has gone lately and it could be due to several factors going on in my life right now.

However, I plan on writing as usual. SE3 is still in note form and in my mind, but you guys have Rebel Guardians that you can pick up and tie yourselves over until my buggy mind comes together. I want to express my DEEP love for my #teamsineaters. Without you all, this story of mine would be nowhere but on my computer wasting away.

I love you all and I'm sharing my thanks by using you guys images with my books as my profile on FB. I also have a store at my website where you can buy shirts and mugs. Take a visit and continue reaching out to me, and talking about everything including Sin Eaters.


Monday, June 1, 2015

Welcome to Summer! (Happy June) #Teamsineaters Anniversary

Happy June 1st #Teamsineaters!

It's the time again, the 4th anniversary of Sin Eaters: Devotion Book One, and the first anniversary of Sin Eaters - Retribution: Devotion Book Two coming in July. So much has happened in between the time of these two books. Emotional/financial battles in being an emerging author, up to creating new stories, such as the release of Rebel Guardians (a Sin Eaters Chronicle), and several upcoming shorts, as well as a pending contemporary romance novel.

I'm not sure what the rest of this year has for me, nor do I know what will become of the Sin Eaters brand but I will say that I hope nothing but more opportunities arise and more stories for you all to enjoy.

Thank you to my #teamsineaters who were the first to buy both copies (paperback/ebook) of Rebel Guardians. You all asked for more from the SE world and I plan to keep going. Big hugs!

Another Big Hugs and thanks to SmoothDramaRadio on Blogtalk for your fun interview and talk. I appreciate the invite and hope to work with you guys again! Thank you to Genesis Science Fiction Radio (in association with Black Science Fiction Society) for inviting me on the show to talk about my work and intense topics about the Nation. I learned so much on how to expand as an author, and I plan on reaching out again. Each of these segments can be found at my website's News section.

For the months of June and July in celebration of the Devotion Book series, you will be able to pick up Rebel Guardians on Kindle (and soon Nook) for $1.99. Please share, and discuss. I'm curious to hear your thoughts on Dare and Tweet's adventure together.

Thank you and remember, read on, share, and discuss!

Kai Leakes

-When the Light and Dark are at war, sometimes the Gray can only be your salvation-


Friday, April 10, 2015

Happy Release Day Teamsineaters!

Hey #Teamsineaters!

Today is that big day, another big release day by me! I am not a hybrid author, that means that not only am I with a publishing house, but I am also independent! This project has been long in the making and as I believe I say in my past post, one that had been an anxious experience for me. But let me get with it.

HAPPY SIN EATERS DAY!! If you have been following the Sin Eaters Series, know that it doesn't end with part two. Read the Behind the Books Series that will lead you up to Sin Eaters Devotion Book Three (work in progress). ‪#‎teamsineaters‬

Buy this short on Kindle and Nook (soon to be in paperback). Please share and buy now!

Kindle: http://goo.gl/Y1gNLV
Nook:  http://goo.gl/WRGBVL

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Coming Soon #Teamsineaters & other musings

Hi, Team Sineaters/Cursed,

I've been a busy bee and still am. In the midst, of finishing one full novel, I've also been working on this precious little gem for you all. This will be my first release on my own as my own publisher for shorts: KWH Publishing.

*Shoots Confetti*

I hope I do well in this venture. I'm very nervous about it, but here we are. Because the love has been pouring out about Sin Eaters and you all have been asking for more, I decided to wet your appetites with longer shorts to my online Behind The Books series.  In this series, you get to step behind the scenes of the main battle and journey with the House of Dusk's Guardians and other Nephilim as they take up arms and fight for a cause you all became familiar with in the main SE series.

*UPDATE: I was asked if this will be released as a book. Right now, I'm toying with that idea and leaning towards yes. The BTB's are shorts, 100-120+ if I get more requests for the individual's BTB's to be put in paper format, I may do it. However, the idea is this, several of the books in this series will have sequel titles but with different characters. For example: Rebel Guardian's will have a sequel featuring different characters. I plan upon putting both one and two together as release it at a special edition. I plan to do that with all, that are sequels. Individuals stories, might be released together titled simply, "Sin Eaters Chronicles".

I hope you all understand that and hope it pans out correctly. :)

So, please, share the love, post the buy link and enjoy. Remember, read SE Books 1 & 2 First!

Rebel Guardians (Sin Eaters Chronicles - Behind the Books 1) Synopsis:

We cry, but they don’t hear us. Our hands reach out to the skies, but they refuse to see us. We voice our pains, but they suppress us. What is left for us to do?
The call to arms has gone global. Nephilim, who feel the “call” to the Grey, are the only ones who hear it’s beckoning. It’s up to them to help aid in the fight to fix their fractured Society or risk all to form a new one.
It’s been a year since the House of Dusk went head to head with the Cursed and lost those closest to them, people they just learned were family. Darren ‘Dare’ Steele and Takeshi ‘Take’ Satou are now done with the entry level to their Guardian training as a new Nephilim and new Dragon. It’s now time for the younger members of the team head to the streets and keep watch on their first assigned Guide Tatiana ‘Tweet’ Braves. But, it’s Dare who might have his hands full in the process.
She sees dead people…
Tatiana is proving to be very unique. For it was her five-year-old cousin/godson who was taken last year by the Cursed and it was an incident that unknowingly shook Nephilim Society’s rebels but also affected Tatiana and her family deeply.
With the Cursed after Tatiana for harboring an object of antiquity she has no idea is necessary for the battle between the Light and Dark, it is up to her and her protectors to uncover its secrets. Thrust in the middle of a supernatural world she once thought was a figment of her imagination. It’s up to her to trigger her unique tie to the ancient artifact and help the new Rebel Guardians Dare and Take as they find themselves in the midst of a raging war, hailed by The Oracle herself.
Journey back into the paranormal world of the Sin Eaters and take a short peek behind the scenes of Sin Eaters 1 & 2 with the Guardians as they guide you to the next chapter in the future Devotion Book Series. 
Buy at Amazon (coming Soon on Nook).

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Liebster Award [Ten Questions on my 'Work in Progress' (WIP)]

 Hey #Teamsineaters & #Teamcursed,

Author K.Ceres Wright tagged me in a ten-question blog hop entitled: "The Liebster Awards", so here is my response!

1. Tell us about your work in progress (WIP)
Currently, it is titled "Pulse." This story is about a young woman who's simple life is thrown for a loop when she is kidnapped as a bounty then ends up on a journey and mission to protect a object, she acciently was given.
2. How is your WIP different from your prior work?
This story is different in the fact that it is a steampunk based fantasy. There are no vampires at all, or paranormal activity. 
3. How has writing changed your life?
I first of all never thought that I'd be a writer, but once my first novel, "Sin Eaters" was born, everything changed. I found myself no longer in the seat of being a reader, but now a creater of crazy, exciting worlds. Writing has made my life fun, but burdensome because now I can't stop writing! 
4. What inspired you to start writing?
The inspiration actually came from being a reader first. I began searching for fantasy based stories where I could picture myself actually in them. Once, I found that not to many authors could give me that, I decided to test drive writing a story where I could hop in and that turned into "Sin Eaters."
5. Who is your favorite character from all your works?
Just to pick one is hard. I love them all, but the one I would pick would be the least expected and that is, Lord Valc. He's in Book Two. Just look at that adorable face!
6. Do you like to write villains?
Actually, it depends. I have to be in a specific mindframe. When I am, yes, I love it. The Dark Lady, Medusa and Mad King are my best villians. 
7. What is the best piece of writing advice you’ve learned?
To trust in yourself first. If you don't believe in your own work, then it has no business being out there.
8. How have you grown as a writer?
It goes back to the advice. I'm learning to trust in myself and silence my hesitations and fears about writing. I think I've grown a lot in that aspect. Before, I would worry about why someone may not like my work. Now, I let that self-hesitation go.
9. What’s your favorite line from your WIP?
I never really have a specific line that is my favorite, but I do have a scene I like due to the banter between the two. Read below:
“Tam, sometimes when a bull is caught by its horns, it can’t perform.” Eko stood to pace back and forth with his arms tucked behind his back while he spoke, “Sometimes they get to fighting so much and jumpin’ and hoppin’ around so much that it forgets that its horns are locked. You get want I’m saying? That’s why I had to agree to this.”
 Tameri stared in complete silence. Her teacup was delicately perched near her lips and she stared blinking slowly. What in Rameses’s palace, was going on? A bull fighting? What did she have to do with any of that?
“Eko, what?” she gently asked. (Eko & Tameri - Pulse)
 10. Do you like dragons?
LOL. Have you read the Sin Eaters series? The book is teeming with them! Oops! Spoilers. :)
 Now I get to tag some other writers and get them to answer 10 questions. I tag: Nikki-Michelle, Crystal Connor, & Valjeanne Jeffers.

  1. Tell us about your work in progress (WIP).
  2. What about your WIP stands apart from your other works?
  3. How has your writing shaped you as an author?
  4. How has it changed you in your everyday life?
  5. What is your favorite moment from any of your books?
  6. What is your favorite line from one of your books?
  7. Who is your favorite character?
  8. If you could disappear in your world of stories, which book would you jump into?
  9. What advice would you share as a writer?
  10. Let's play Being Human! Which would you be: Wolf, Vamp, Ghost, or Zombie?

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Happy New Year 2015 & Creative Writing with Kai Leakes

Happy New Year Team Sineaters/Cursed,

I want to update you all on a little news about me. I'm currently in a point of reflection on where to lead my brand. I have just finished a manuscript that is in a new genre, Contemporary Romance and slight Erotica.

I am very nervous about this story, and can't wait to share it with you. Tentatively titled, "Pleasure Principle: A BOK Novel" and it will introduce you to a character by the name of Qin and a woman named Aria. I won't share more until later. I will say that, it has rave comments already.

So now, I want to move on and do something that I never do and that is share a little of my writing process as a means to help those of you who wish to jump into the writing world.

I was asked by a fellow #teamsineater/cursed, the process in which I work with my chapters when formulating my books, so I'll start there.

Please sit back, enjoy some tea, listen to some classical or hip hop and imagine me sitting in front of a huge fire in steampunk attire with a British accent. (LOL)

Also, remember to visit my website and read the new Behind The Book addition to The Compound.

First rule to Kai's writing club is this: There is no method to my madness. What works for me, might work for you, or it might not. Take what you learn at your leisure.

Chapter Development:
  1. Chapter development is simple for me. I like to retrain myself on purpose. I believe for me that my books all need to be 20-21 chapters. If I go over, it is because the story demands it. 
  2. Why do I feel that way? Because I hate the idea of rambling, though it's only natural and I'm a stickler/stubborn. This is just my personal way of writing, there is no rhyme or reason.
Chapter Page Development: 

Rule 2#: There is no set number of pages to a chapter, so they say. You can write to your heart's content, such as G.R. Martin does (he rocks).

  1. This is true. However, for myself, again. I do limit my page quota per chapter. I do this because it keeps me on track of my chapter count and word count at times. I also, feel that I'm rambling if I go on and on and on.
  2. If I go over my page count, I typically attempt to chop it into a new chapter. You can see this from time to time in my books. 
  3. Me, going over chapter lengths, typically occur because I went back to add more detail, or the chapter led me to go over (See, Chapter Development). 
  4. It's natural to go over and it happens. Usually you can go back in edits and cut it down or finesse it. (I have a chapter like this in SE 1. Its a chapter that annoys me, but feedback has been that it's a fan favorite, so I can not complain too much about it.) 
Outline Development:

Rule 3# We do not discuss outlines. We never mention outlines. It only causes more ruckus. 

  1. Honestly, I do not do outlines. I am a horrible procrastinator who is lazy. I do not have the patience to craft such things. I've been this way all my life, including when I was but a wee one in school. 
  2. What I do create are long drawn out notes. I enjoy taking notes, that is my thing. The 'outline' for Sin Eaters consist of nothing but notes. If you buy book Two you will see those notes were then turned into a index for the reader to understand the world I created. Terminology and all. 
  3. If you are an outliner, I suggest to use my method of knowing how many chapters you want to craft and pages you wish to have within those chapters. It will help you in the long run.
  4. Research, research, research. This helps in formulating your notes or outline. This can come in the form of reading, or watching action movies/fighting movies, just to get a feel for writing action and fighting in your works (This is what I do. It also helps me in my procrastination). 
General Writing suggestions (Writing style & Betas): 

  • I'm called wordy/detailed and I like to put a lot of characters in my works (This is usually because of my love of Fantasy writing).  I've been told to tone that down, so I'm working on that.
  • However, on this current book (Pleasure Principle) I worked it where it fit me and fit the suggestions of my two beta readers. One beta was like "OMG this book is awesome", and sat back with a huge smile (with this beta, I had been waiting to get a reaction with my work from them in that way and it made my day), because I did not take anything out that usually I'm told too. I just worked it to where it fit their suggestions. I'm still wordy and I still have a team of people in the story, they are just background now. LOL
  • A little about me, I never thought that I'd be a writer. I was always the reader, and girl imagining grand worlds. Later when I graduated from college and was in my depression of being broke with no job, I wrote, Sin Eaters. It was years later, when it was published and finished. In between that, I jumped on a readers forum connected to my favorite author, and met other readers. 
  • That's where I started doing fan fiction and sharing my shorts and the one friend I met and stuck with, ended up being my main beta and we both ended up being writers at the same time. She was just a reader like me. 
  • So that's how that started and its good to be in a protecting mindset in regards to your work as a writer, always. 
  • Your friends are the best to get feedback from with crafting so keep that in thought as a writer.
Sharing one's work as a writer is a good thing and  part of one's growth in writing. You have to know who you are dealing with and keep them around you as your betas if they like being a beta. It helps you as a writer in the long run with content feedback. (My main beta, and I always ruffle each other's feathers in this regard, but in the end, they have helped me greatly with my works, and I write to see her reaction because it is the best).
Ultimately, my writing advice is this. You only can take the lessons of others as far as you want it. What works for others might not work for you. You have to find your own muse and lessons and work everything out in a way that fits you.

I wish those of you venturing into the writing work the best of luck. I'm here for any questions you have, writing wise, or just to answer questions about my characters, or ask for advice. Find me at my website, Facebook, Twitter, and more.

Have a lovely 2015! There's nothing but greatness for us all. ~K.L.