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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Happy Fall! September Post

Hello, hello to my #Teamsineaters & #Teamcursed.

Summer left us feeling over baked and Fall came smoothly through. During this month, I've been very very busy writing my next standalone story. I'm finding that I'm enjoying this genre, I'm very nervous about the steampunk world, hoping that I'm doing it justice, however I'm enjoying it and will share a piece of it soon.

Through the rest of the month, I've had new #Teamsineaters and #Teamcursed grab copies of SE1 to make it close to high ranking on Amazon. What a awesome experience that was.  I also was honored with a chance to participate in a discussion about Sin Eaters, those of you follow me on Twitter can find the questions asked and answers there.

Outside of that, there is no new news on upcoming signings or book discussions. I'm still in struggling author mode as usual. Looking for means to garner more sales for both books and more reviews to draw attention. The life of a author is not easy, never thought it would be, but for those who are looking for advice to become a full time author, I suggest this, have a part-time job. LOL

As, I said, this post is going to be short, I want to say happy Libra Season to my fellow Libras, and for you all to continue spreading the love and support for the Sin Eaters series.

Remember you can find me at FB, Twitter, and my website. If you are looking for signed copies, please contact me via my website for purchasing information.

Blessings to you all and speak to you all in October, my favorite month!

~The Light always prevails~

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