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Saturday, August 9, 2014

HAPPY NATIONAL BOOK LOVERS DAY!! & other musings August 2014

Hello Hello #Teamsineaters and #Teamcursed!

Welcome to the month of August.

I hope you all are enjoying the last month of summer, I am, even though it has been raining like crazy. As I explained last month, I have been in a major writing funk, but that has changed. I have written a short story entitled "Free Your Mind", for a future anthology based in a afrofuturistic world. I'm hoping that it will be selected and if so, #Teamsineaters, you will have a taste of something new. I have also decided to put my contemporary romance to the side and focus on my steampunk novel.

Those of you on FB were lucky enough to see a peek of that work and loved it. It makes me excited to see that the characters in my mind can entertain and inspire you all. I thank you and love you guys for the feedback, I truly mean that.

Several of my #Teamsineaters/cursed FB fans participated in mini contests that I gave throughout the year, and several of them received gifts. I am just not seeing the responds and it is so cool to see the joy!  Everyone keep an eye out, it's important for specific impromptu contests that I give. A next one will be coming in the later months on the website and Twitter, for a chance at a #TeamCursed Shirt. Stay tuned!
There is not much to report to you all outside of that, however, it is HAPPY NATIONAL BOOK   LOVERS DAY!!

Take the time to read a book today and share the wealth!

Here are the three books that still are my inspiration and that started it all!

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