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Friday, July 18, 2014

July, signings & reviews (Behind the scenes)

Hey #Teamsineaters/Cursed,

It's the middle of July and a lot has been going on. First, I want to say thank you all for making this month special. From sticking with me and buying SE2. The sales were great on Amazon and made my day, so thank you all.

Now, I am not big on blogging, its the funniest thing. I can not stay devoted to being constant with the blogging, but here I am. LOL A lot has been going on with me as a writer vs. being an author. Who said writing and being an author was easy? It's not. Sales have been great with SE2 however, reviews have been very, very, mixed and it's disheartening. I can't help myself, I am human.

Since seeing the reviews, I've been in a writing funk. I was in one before, but now, everything I do I am questioning and that is the hard part of being a writer vs. an author. These thoughts are what comes with the territory as a emerging author and I'm struggling to use it as tools to get better. Why? Because I'm human and I feel like I failed you guys. It's sad. I know, but I'll move past it. It always happens with me, when I read some reviews.

Alas, outside of those thoughts. I had a great time in Atlanta (see the pics), on July 10, 2014. I was able to see Atlanta some more (I saw where specific characters in the SE live and thrive), and was able to visit Nubian Bookstore in Morrow, GA. Nubian Bookstore was a welcoming environment. I have a self-proclaim bookstore addict and Nubian Bookstore did not help my addiction. LOL.

I introduced a few new people to the Sin Eaters world which was promising. I never know when it comes to marketing how people will take my book. I met a filmmaker, who I hope I am able to get in touch with again. I've also had a wide range of responses from, some people saying, they do no like to read (Yet they are holding their cellphones and texting), others who were clutching their pearls and stating that they do not read about demons, or they don't do scary books.

Now you #Teamsineaters/Cursed fans out there know that, this book is not horror rooted at all. My close friend said it best though, if they read the bible then they are essentially reading about demons. LOL Anyway, I respect everyone's opinions and I move on. We all have a right to read and like what we like. It's still disheartening.

These are the behind the scenes things I deal with as a writer. This is not a glamorous world for me but I enjoy it and respect it. Many blessings have come from this great experience and I will be able to tangibly have something to show my future children when they are older. I get that privilege to say that I was at one point an author. (I hope to still be one when I have children but the future is what it is).

We now move on into August soon and I have to scramble my brain around what I will be doing in the future as Kai Leakes. I have a romance novel that has been kicking my butt that I am close to finishing. I am going to be a part of an Anthology based on afro-cyber/futurism genre (which should be really fun once I finish my short), and I have a YA I need to rework and a Steampunk story to write.

Finally, there is the fate of the Sin Eaters brand. You guys are my breath. If there is a need, then I am there. If there is a want, then I am there. SE3: Rebirth (I love that title and picked it before I even finished SE2) could come into reality (I have several ideas). However if you all want more Sin Eaters, I have know it and you all have to shout it to the rafters. Leave reviews, leave me comments, inbox me (FB/Twitter), email me.

Now that this series is "over" how did it resonate with you? Who did you love, hate, like, etc.? What were your favorite moments, quotes, and more? Raise up #teamsineaters/cursed.

I'll hear you and love to get to know you all. Stick with me, and travel in my mind. There is a method to it all. Thank you for your love and support. I promise to step out of this funk, I really do and once I do, more works will be there. I hope to travel to several other states to meet you all as well. Hopefully, I can build up a team to do a book tour and also visit some Cons (Comic-con is my dream).

Until then, remember you are your own warrior. *hugs*

Go #Teamsineaters/Cursed!

 ~K.L.  -When the Light and Dark are at war, sometimes the Grey can only be your salvation-