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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Mental Musings on Comic Book POC relationships

Comic books have selective diversity, especially in the development of intimate relationships. It's always one sided, always everyone wants the Non-POC, and never POC & POC romantic relationships, unless it's to feed racist fanboys need to have us always divorce (Marvel's Storm & Black Panther) or to play on tokenism. It's tiring.

The reverse never happens. If it does, it is like a blink or whisper in the air. Peter Parker/Clark Kent ect. is never going to be attracted to a Black, Asian, Native American, Indian, Hawaiian, etc. woman. EVER! Unless it's to act as some type of trope (tokenism, or fetish). This is the feeling (might not be factual) from how comic book story lines go. 

The erasure going on is real, including in movies (eyes Bryan Singer).

Now I see the new Spiderman (Miles Morales) and I'm excited for his whole existence. However, just like Static Shock, this characters automatic go too for attraction and love (validity) is a non-poc girl. Her pink stripe is supposed to give me some satisfaction that she's edgy? Okay. Now I may be assuming she is non-poc, and if so, my bad, maybe a clearer use of design could be used (sarcasm).

Love is love, but it's a problem when love is not fluidly diversified. Miles Morales is a product of diversity. He is Afro-latino. However, his automatic love doesn't reflect the diversity that he is? Okie doke.

POC-POC love does not get respect, however, every Non-POC lead superhero can love another like them before they ever casting a gaze at someone who is not? Gotta love the fair in that.
Thanks Marvel, Thanks DC. I see how you think.

Hoping off my soap box because it's annoying.

This is why it is a level of diverse relationships within my works, because in my world, it's not always black and white, it's everything and more. ~ K.L.

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