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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Butler/Banks Book Tour: Presenting Jeff Carroll

Happy Weekend #TeamSineaters/Cursed!

Today we move on into the 2nd week of the Butler/Banks Book Tour. So far you were introduced to several powerhouse authors and it's plenty more to come, so get those pens ready to take names.

Speaking of taking names, it's time to introduce you to our next feature blogger/author with the awesome last name: Jeff Carroll!

The award winning Golddigger Killer was Jeff Carroll’s second film, which screened in over 10 film festivals and film series. Jeff Carroll’s first film, Holla If I Kill You, is the second rated all time best seller on B-Movie.com, the number one site for cult movies.

Jeff coined the term “Hip Hop Horror” and is pioneering this hybrid genre.

As well as being a writer and a filmmaker he is owner of Red, Black and Green Promotions, a college entertainment company where he works as an entertainment agent. Jeff Carroll is a leading voice of Hip Hop male/female relations reform and tours colleges and universities coaching students on dating.
He published his latest novel Thug Angel: Rebirth of a Gargoyle, through his own company, Hip Hop Comix N Flix.

Jeff  lives in Miami, Florida, with his wife and son. Check out other great works by Jeff at his website.

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