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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Butler/Banks Book Tour: Another visit with Valjeanne Jeffers

Welcome back #Teamsineaters/Cursed,

We're on to day 13 and going into the weekend with the Butler/Banks Book Tour! Have you been following? I hope so, because this month has be great! It's now to reintroduce some of you with an author that has been featured on the tour already. She is a really great spirit and good source for advice, let's welcome back our next featured Author: Valjeanne Jeffers!

Valjeanne Jeffers: Valjeanne is the author of the SF/fantasy novels: ImmortalImmortal II: The Time of LegendImmortal III: Stealer of Souls, and the steampunk novels: Immortal IV: Collision of Worldsand The Switch II: Clockwork (includes books 1 and 2).
Her writing has appeared in: The Obamas: Portrait of America’s New First FamilyThe Ringing Ear: Black Poets Lean SouthDrumvoices Revue 20th Anniversary, and Liberated Muse: How I Freed My Soul Vol. I. She was also semi-finalist for the 2007 Rita Dove Poetry Award and she was interviewed in 60 Years of Black Women in Horror Fiction.
Valjeanne’s fiction has appeared in Steamfunk!, Genesis: An Anthology of Black Science Fiction, Griots: A Sword and Soul Anthology, Possibilities, 31 Days of Steamy Mocha, and Griots II: Sisters of the Spear. She is co-owner of Q & V Affordable editing. Her two latest novels: Mona Livelong: Paranormal Detective and Colony: Ascension will be released later this year.
Preview or purchase her novels at: http://www.vjeffersandqveal.com.
The Switch II Excerpt:

“I know you don’t believe me— not yet— but listen anyway. They came for me last night.”

“Who?” Dumas asked, interested now despite his cynicism.

Wilton’s voice slowed, taking on the measured cadence of a storyteller. “Your mama came first, and she was young and pretty, just like the first day I met her. I jumped out of bed — didn’t need no help, ’cause my body was young again like it was before I got sick. I jumped out of bed and hugged your mama real tight.”

Wilton was grinning widely now, a faraway look in his eyes. “I cried I was so happy to see her! I said: ’Lucretia baby, I missed you!’ And she said: ’I know daddy, I missed you too. But we ain’t got time for that now! They coming!’ She grabbed my hand and dragged me outside.”

“Then they came. At first they was just few of our folks... your uncle Potsi — you’d a liked him — and some more of our cousins. And then the rest of ’em showed up. The Others. Son they was folks, our folks, from hundreds — thousands of years ago. They was walking with us. So many I couldn’t see ‘em all, but I could feel ‘em.”

Dumas leaned forward, his dinner forgotten. “Then what?” he whispered.

“We walked past the houses—everybody was sleep you see and even if they weren’t they wouldn’t see us—to where this man was standing. He wasn’t human, don’t ask me how I knew, but I knew.”

“He had real dark skin, the color of coffee, and his hair was salt-and-pepper lying over his shoulders. He was holding something in his hands...At first I thought it was a colored ball. But when I looked closer I saw it was energy—all different colors of energy—floating between his hands.”

The Switch II: Clockwork (including books 1 and 2) available at http://www.vjeffersandqveal.com/

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