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Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Hello to my lovely family of #Teamsineaters/cursed, Guardians, Immortals, Mystics, Hunters, and more!

I have to say 2013 has been a major change and time of growth for me in my personal life and in my work.

Although Sin Eaters will be two years old in 2014, you guys love for the story has kept me motivated and excited for a new year!

June 3rd on Amazon SE1 will hit a milestone by being published in Mass Paperback! I am hoping this will make it easier to get in more people’s hands and introduce the world to my beautiful, funny, loving, dedicated, and haunting characters.

As a writer who has shifted into being a author, I have to say this journey hasn’t been easy by far. SE has dropped in sales (sad face) but again, as I previously stated, I just hope it’s for a little bit, why? Because June 24th 2014 (possibly) Sin Eaters: Retribution (Devotion Book Two) will be coming to the world.

My gift to you that follow me is a glimpse of the book cover for the 2014! I want you all to share the news, introduce those who haven’t picked up SE1 or those who have been to afraid to read it because its not a specific genre of theirs, to Sin Eaters. Let them know what you thought of the book and how you connected to the work, the characters, and the world of the Sin Eaters.

I can not wait for 2014! It feels like it will be nothing but success, growth, love, and excitement coming. I hope to be able to schedule book signings as well. It is a possibly that I may be in Hawaii in the summer too and I hope I can get SE out there to the big Island! :)

More news for 2014, I am almost done with new piece of work that is taking me out of my Fantasy realm and dropping me into a Contemporary Romance with a splash of Eroticism. I hope again that you all pick it up once it comes out and of course I’ll keep you all in the loop for when it’s slated. I also hope to have my Steampunk Fantasy book done within several months, so lets cross those fingers that I do.

It’s time for everyone to know about Kai Leakes, Sin Eaters, and my literary mind. I hope you all keep safe and I give my thanks to everyone that supported me in the 2013 year.

Below are the links to where I was featured, mentioned, or interviewed during 2013, as well as you glimpse of Sin Eaters: Retribution (Devotion Book 2).

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Thank you all *hugs* for the support and mentions.

#Also a huge super thanks to Model Kimberly Hill & Photographer Kris Mayeshiro for creating a beautiful cover that reflects my tale.