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Thursday, August 1, 2013


Hello #TeamSinEaters/Cursed,

Today is the day, that I stepped into the threshold of being a new author and sharing with you all my baby, Sin Eaters: Devotion Book One on July 31st and August 1st 2012 . I can’t say how much I learned and continue to learn with releasing that story to the world. I have experienced things that I could only dream of, back when I was sitting in my apartment in Missouri wondering if anyone would even like it.  It took a push from my long distance muse and close friend author Nikki Michelle, also known as my pen wife (insider), to literally yell at  me to brush my baby off and submit it to a woman we both admired for her work as a incredible author.

From that, it led me on a fun ride to gaining a wonderful author who has also pushed me to write, write, write, to become my agent.  I was lucky in meeting the late and great (my inspiration) L.A. Banks and other jewels of growth that I hold close to my heart about.

Since introducing myself as a writer, I’ve also met a special group of people, who have fallen in love with the characters of my book.  My Team Sin Eaters.  Every day I’m shocked and amazed at how deeply you all have and still have, followed the book. We haven’t gone so deep to get you all to cosplay them yet (I’m working on that), but I love the messages of support and questions sent my way.

To this day, I still call myself an emerging writer, but with the love that I have received, with the support and the many copies you all have purchased and made others purchase, including making fans out of people who thought this book was going to be one specific way, we have grown and we continue (sorry for the Star Trek quote) to prosper.

As an update in my world, I have a short story that is done, called ‘Run’ in which this is my step into writing New Adult with a fantasy/scifi feel.  I will always be a fan of my fantasy.  I hope to finish the editing of ‘Run’ soon, so you all may have something to read as I thing about how to expand it.  Also I have coming soon, is a story with lethal pen Nikki Michelle and an author I must keep a tight lid on.  From there, this should lead into SIN EATERS - RETRIBUTION DEVOTION BOOK 2 COMING IN 2014.

I will continue to write, and work on my Steampunk novel, as well as YA story which will have me going into fairy tales.  Stay with me and enjoy the ride.  I grew up reading fantasy and romance and as an adult I sought out those elements to get me through the real world.  I hope by writing what I love, and grew up on, more adults can take joy in just getting away from it all and experience fantasy again, as they once did as children.

Remember to visit my website and read the sneak peek of SE2 under the Compound tab, also click that tab to read other short stories and view character bios.  Happy Reading!

~When the Light and Dark are at war, sometimes the Grey can only be your salvation~ KAI LEAKES