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Tuesday, July 16, 2013


*I’m rusty in my poetry but here we go. I had to get it out.  For Peace!.....

No More by Kai Leakes- Written July 16,2013

It seems as if change has come,

With the remaining echoes of protests and rallies past,

Now long gone.

To battle and bleed for rights that refused to fall into foundation for our cause.

The night encumbers and snatches us whole.

As the past so shall it was,

Has now become our is.

The cadence of an ungodly force knocks us back,

To see the faces of those who have fallen for the rights of us all.

The faces of our ancestors,

Throats shackled.

Bodies strung,

Like decoration in trees.

It sparks a flaming reminder.

Those strange fruit,

Whose necks were clasped by the hands of enemies that point their barrel at us still.

The pulse is harsh,

Menacing and cold,

But in its force,

The bullet stops and falls at the feet of those intended to fall.

No more is shouted from the echoes of our ancestor’s cries.

We stand our ground without holding a weapon,

Or using our hands,

And watch our enemy fall.

You attack us and try to end us.

But as you target,

And stalk us,

We only grow strong.

What is called our weakness,

Is only what will be your karma as we yell,

No more.

You will never take from us again.