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Friday, February 8, 2013


Hello #Teamsineaters/cursed,

I feel like sharing this article “My Greatest Fear: The BLACK Box for Bestselling Authors”. For me as a writer, it bothers me when authors such as this one (who has a right to her feelings) make comments such as "trashy urban lit”. No genre is monolithic. Not all urban lit is trash. Case in point my book Sin Eaters. Right now Amazon has it labeled as Urban Lit. and African American Lit. honestly, it bothers me, but at the same time it doesn’t. My book is not Urban Lit. or African American Lit in my opinion. It just happens that my leads are African American. But the rest of my characters are of other races as well. I feel Sin Eaters is a Fantasy,Paranormal work which features a beautiful Black, Asian, Latino and Caucasian cast, that is it.

What bothers me is that my work is not being given that support it should have in a broad view, but at the same time, what I’ve always wanted is happening, and that is Black readers, like me, are picking up my book and enjoying it. I have some readers who are shocked because they assumed that Sin Eaters was a Urban Lit book, or street-lit and it’s classically not. Urban Lit is not something to be scared off, it has a large LARGE rung of subtexts, and not all of them are shoot em up, slanging in the streets. Many of those stories some of us are afraid of, are just as good and shares deep messages, but people just can be rude about how they view such work. If you don’t like a genre that is fine, but know you may be missing out on a lot of good work that is possibly lost in the mix.

Please be respectful of all art because then you get comments like in the article. My work deserves a chance, and it just so happens to be labeled Urban Lit. pick up the book, read the back, and be brave like many of the fans I have now, and who have taken a chance on me. Stop being prejudice. That’s my thoughts on it.