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Saturday, September 1, 2012


Hello #Team Sin Eaters!

My wonky website has me moving my blog entries to blogger so bare with me and the wrong dates -4/10/14

It’s September!

And well Sin Eaters has been out a month now and so far, I’ve been working diligently to promote promote and wait for your reviews.  This journey has been an anxious one for me, why? Well I have my first ever piece of work published! Scary! LOL.

Now it’s out there and I can only hope that it is enjoyed.  With that, if you haven’t already please visit my main website for peeks behind the work and other little goodies. Also I was honored with a chance to be interviewed for a popular blog 1Love’s Distinct Pens, please check that out as well and support his blog.

As I’ve picked up from another great author, happy reading. ♥