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Friday, November 25, 2016

A sense of me.

It's rare that I receive comments from you all as readers, yet, I'm always excited when I do get to talk to you all. From my short time as an author, I've had many questions come up about if and when will I put specific topics or representation in my works, or why I chose to represent who I do in my books, or if they are even in there.

I have to say this, I represent how they characters come to me and if I feel a desire to purposely implant more representation (which I always aim to do.)

See...I have to say this, not in shade, but in understanding of my works. I write from a place of self. That means that I am a Black Woman from St. Louis, Missouri, the Midwest. I'm plus size, self-conscious, shy/introverted, sometimes rude/angry, sometimes emotional, sometimes closed off, a blerd, corny, a hopeless romantic (who hasn't had romance in a long time) who loves all things fantasy and vampires.

My experiences in my life, my lack of experiences in life, my guidance via my friendships, and my guidance to my friends helps me shape me. So you will see these pieces of me in all my works, in any genre I choose to write in.

But the main thing is this...I repeat, I write from a place of self! I write to see women like me in stories that never reflect us. Black women/girls. In. Fantasy.

So, thank you to those who reach out to me. To those who aim to help me stretch my lens. I'm very much still a growing writer and the worlds I have created are every growing. So, soon, I will touch on a little bit of everyone in my way. In the Sin Eater world, you'll see everyone on the Light, Dark and in the Gray.

Please keep reading, sharing, and reaching out. - Kai Leakes

Friday, June 24, 2016

Coming soon...

Hi, Team Sineaters and Cursed,

I know I've been very silent and I apologize for that. So far, I've been working hard on some behind the scenes stuff pertaining to my brand and stepping into the self-publishing world as a partially permanent gig. Currently, that latest move is: part two to Rebel Guardians and finishing up my steampunk novel. I'm in the middle of the novella (Rebel Guardians 2) and working on fixing it, and finishing it up (Just told that the first couple of chapters are great and feels like this novella will be better than the first one). Hopefully, it'll be done by the end of the summer (I procrastinate a lot and I'm going through some non-author related issues as well).

So, with that, here is the cover reveal and keep a look out for the release on Amazon. The plan is to possibly, combine both books and release them as one full novel in the future. If you're okay with that, let me know in the comments.

Rebel Guardians 2 will give you the behind the scenes story of Take and Amara.

Coming Soon....

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

A treat for #teamsineaters

Hello, #teamsineaters,

I continue to work, and reevaluate, and work. LOL But currently, I have a surprise. It's what you all have been asking for: I've finally commissioned the image of The Medusa!!!

She's a beautifully wicked woman, and I love her.  You can find her image at my website in the secret stash session. You also can visit the SE shop at my website.

Outside of that, if you follow at Tumblr, or friend me on FB you'll see her there. For now, here, I'll put up the WIP image of her (below) and leave you with my favorite line from SE 1.

Have fun #teamsineaters, and more books from me will come soon.

“Yeah…shawty is crazy as hell, but that tongue was da business. Ya dig!”- Calvin & The Medusa (Sin Eaters: Devotion Book One)

- The Medusa WIP Commission by Asiebarbie!!!!

Friday, February 5, 2016

Master of Horror L.A. Banks and her contribution to Horror. (Black History Tribute to L.A. Banks)

“If my soul got jacked, where is it?” ― L.A. Banks

Happy Black History Month!

I want to start this out in saying, yes, this blog post will be long and peppered in fangirl moments. I will drone on about the awesomeness of author L.A. Banks and her extraordinary writing skills in horror/thrillers. I will gawk at the idea that she is not praised as much as she should be, and I will tear up at the reality that this author’s incredible gifts have been lost to us in the literary world. This is my respectful tribute to her…it is what it is. -smile-

In the world of Horror, in link with black women, there are only two names that comes to mind for me that have been cultural innovators and pop icons in this area of literature. And today I’m choosing to speak on the one that I was lead to deeply admire, Leslie Esdaile Banks. Better known as L.A. Banks. When you think of horror, the greats who founded it, and those who followed in their footsteps, oftentimes many people don’t equate women in that class.

People always are quick to name the greats, Horace Walpole, Bram Stoker, H.P. Lovecraft, and contemporaries, Clive Barker and Stephen King as the masters of horror. I take nothing away from them. However, women were also at the forefront of horror. They were the literal foundation that inspired many past and current male horror authors that we so fondly idolize.

“Humans have been telling scary stories of great danger, defeat, and triumph since we built campfires outside the caves while the wolves were howling in the hills near us.” – L.A. Banks via Wild River Review 2011

Read the rest at HorrorAddicts.net .... And thank you so much to HorrorAddicts for inviting me to their blog to contribute to their tribute to Black Horror Writers/film and more!

Thursday, December 17, 2015

#teamsineaters I asked and here we are! (How to build your author platform : Daniel José Older)

#teamsineaters I asked awesome Author Daniel Jose Older about how to build my platform as an author and he gave a great answer. Stay for the end, it's the best!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Trust in yourself!: Happy Family and Friends month!

Hello Team Sineaters,

This month is Thanksgiving to many, but I call it Family and Friends months. For the month, I was invited on a fellow, kick-butt author's website Dicey Grenor. Please head over there and read my thoughts, and everyone have a Happy Holiday.

Please also take the time to support Dicey Grenor and her work. She's an awesome paranormal/horror writer with kick-butt sexy leads (one, who is Dicey's own real life protector!).

'The Light Always Prevails' -K.L.


Saturday, September 19, 2015

Fall expectations, winter is approaching. (Happy September! Update)

Hello #Teamsineaters/cursed,

This is an extended post/update, where I go into more detail about my two new releases this month. Bare with me and enjoy! The City is coming!!!

I hope you all are doing well. We've now entered Fall, though the blazing kiss of the summer sun is still upon our flesh. I'm happy that we all made it out of summer unscathed. Currently, nothing new is going on. I have no signings planned at all. For now, I'll be urgently writing. I have a short that I must submit before January and I'm still working on my steampunk novel.

As of now, if you haven't visited my website, there are two new sections on it Romance & Secret Stash. I hope you all enjoy the new tidbits being added to the Secret Stash. I'm eagerly awaiting the soon to be finished product and I can not wait to share it once it's done.

I'm also excited that two new stories from me will be releasing soon. That information is on my website and blog. The City- A Cyberfunk Anthology & Body Heat: A Romance and Erotic Anthology (coming Sept. 14th). Both stories will be able to be found on Amazon. You can pre-order Body Heat now, so share, talk about it, and share some more.

Allow me to go into what led me to writing both stories. With Love, Lies, and Pleasure (which is featured in Body Heat), the story follows the life of Kwame Hughes a man who lost everything he held dear to him. In that loss, and grief he turned to closing himself off at the possibility of something new. Because of that, Kwame creates a world of salacious hedonism that he keeps from a woman, Karma, that might be his saving grace.

Karma and Kwame's story had been something that started from a short I quickly wrote for an on-air contest. It was sexy, lusty and fun to write, the challenge came when I had to extend that story and introduce you all to an organization of men who make it their life's work to pleasure women, not only for their own ego's sake, but for the women themselves. Many who have gone through, or are going through difficult situations, be it life threatening, or life-changing.

I wanted the Brothers of Kemet to be entertaining and filled with love, comedy, and growth. It turned into me stepping into contemporary romance/erotica, something I've never done before...and I know you all are saying, what about the salacious sex scenes in SE? For me, its not the same. Writing Kwame and Karma's story was very difficult for me, because it was the beginning of BOK. I had previously written its counterpart, featuring a different man of BOK and that story came somewhat easier.

Love, Lies, and Pleasure went through three rewrites and several title changes to turn into the shorts that they are today. Originally meant to be a full novel, I chose to break it up once invited to be a part of this awesome anthology. My goal is to release part two to LLP later in the year, with the full book being released on paperback, next year. If enjoyed.  That's my plans and I hope you guys go read Kwame and Karma's wild story and learn how BOK was started.

Now, The City: A Cyberfunk anthology. I'm always looking for ways to test myself in the fantasy/scifi genre and "Free Your Mind" was that test. It started out as me joining a post on Facebook in the State of Black Science Fiction group. That post mainly was about writing small shorts shaped around specific sci-fi images we found, it then turned into this awesome project that I was lucky enough to be a part of.  "Free Your Mind" tells the story of a Runner Iset with a unique mission and her dear friend/protector Orion. In their, fight to protect a missive she will struggle with her past and present in order to free the minds of many.

I wasn't sure how I was going to go with this story. I knew that with everything I write, I like to add a touch of romance, or sex and this one I did that. But outside of that, I was writing in an incredible world set in the future, doing things I had no idea if they would make sense. I hoped to educate a little and add a lot of action to the piece. In it all it challenged me to the point that I'm still nervous about it. I'm excited to share it with you all, but like any writer, I'm nervous. Iset is a rebel and you'll learn that in the short piece I wrote. I was able to write with a fellow contributor and we had a ball. D.K. Gatson's character is featured in my story, so for those who enjoy his short and want to see more of his character, check out mine. We both bounced off each other and linked our story in an exciting way.

With all of that, please make sure to grab both anthologies. I've been busy and I hope that my work translated into something entertaining.

This blog is also now part of a blog tour for The City, so visit my fellow participants and see how they created their stories and world as Citizens. Also, please support this effort especially due to the fact that there are not that many women acknowledged in sci-fi writing. This novel features a few women like myself and we all need your support.

The City will be available as an e-book via Amazon, Barnes and Noble (Nook) and Kobo on September 25th and as a paperback at MVmedia (www.mvmediaatl.com) and wherever books are sold by October 15th.

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Though summer is now behind us, I hope you all enjoy the last remnants of the lovely weather. Remember to grab your copy of Rebel Guardians - Sin Eaters Chronicles, as well as the books that started it all, the Sin Eaters - Devotion Book series.

"The Light Always Prevails" - Kai Leakes